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It was greeting sharing what my aspirations were and also learning the different opportunities out there that help catapult me to the next level. Additionally, it was great learning especially the services and how one can accessed them. Looking forward to enrolling for a session/s in the new year after I have worked on the areas I need to improve e.g. my CV etc.

Thanks again and looking forward. Happy holidays.


Roselidah Raphael , UNFPA

14 Dec, 2018

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with a master!

I am so impressed with the wonderful Claire Mahon! She is warm and welcoming but also professional and has already been a huge help even in just her introductory session. She has the experience necessary to help you with numerous things: your UN applications, career path, resume, cover letter, digital presence -- you name it, take your pick!

Kelsey Suemnicht

9 Nov, 2018

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Introductory call

Even if this first call was just about an initial overview of my situation and options, I found that the discussion went in a productive direction and I am interested in pursuing it!


4 Nov, 2018

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Hi Claire-

Thank you so much for your time. I felt you did a great job listening and connecting to my experiences. You also did a great job making me feel that you could help with all of what I presented - that instilled a lot of confidence and trust.


30 Jun, 2018

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Take the leap!

I would absolutely recommend booking a session with Claire. She's warm and funny and so easy to talk to - I think she could make just about anyone feel comfortable. I really enjoyed our session because I had been stewing over my career issues for a long time and in general feeling very negative about the situation. She made me feel like my worries were valid but that there is definately a way forward - I felt heard and understood, and sometimes that's exactly the reassurance you need to instigate the next step in your career.

Kendall Naylor

16 Jun, 2018

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You haven't shown up twice. Or responded to skype messages. So give up.

Charlotte Hill

13 May, 2018

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Two free coaching session

A really useful opportunity to sit and reflect about my career in general. It was incredibly helpful to be able to speak to someone in the field and who knows the struggles I am experiencing. I also am grateful for the additional free consultation, which you didn't have to do, but which made a great impression. I'll be booking for more soon. Thank you.

Anisa Mahmoudi

7 Apr, 2018

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knowledge gaining and an interactive session

It was really great talking to you. I got the idea about the lack in my application procedures and how to overcome it. This short introductory session helped me to open up all my professional issues and get feedback on the same. Claire is a really friendly person, talking to whom you can really feel at ease and talk your heart out. During the 30 mins session, she always motivated me which is also another positive vibes which I got to continue with my job search.

Diotima Chattoraj

13 Mar, 2018

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Fantastic experience

Claire is an incredible coach. She has a lot of experience in the Geneva scene and you can sense it since the beginning. I have been drafting the same cover letter for 3 years, and with the coaching with her I completed changed the way of writing a cover letter. Her tips and advices made it way much easier than it seems. She guides you on how to read an application, how to present yourself among other very valuable things. Thank you very much Claire for your support!

Diana Prado

26 Feb, 2018

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My career and the way forward

Claire identified all I had been thinking - for the past two years - into palatable words! I learned the direction I need to now take and the vital steps in achieving this career goal.

Her understanding and way of looking forward during our discussion energised me to continue my efforts.

I look forward to booking another session with her in future. Thank you Claire!

Nadine Gray

2 Aug, 2017

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Claire is a talented human rights advocate with amazing experience to share

Claire has been my mentor and friend since 2012 when I undertook an Internship at the Global Human Rights Clinic. At that time I had discovered my passion for human rights but was unsure how to pursue a career in the field. Claire opened up the world of human rights for me by giving me the space to pursue research interests and showing me the ropes of the United Nations. As a result of Claire's encouragement I followed my passion and gained a masters in human rights law from the university of Essex. I have been working in the human rights field ever since. Claire’s advice comes from real world experience; she is honest, she is encouraging and she's always there when you need her for career advice, assistance with projects and as a friend. She provides all this support with a great sense of humour and a smile on her face.  I am confident that with out Claire’s continuous support, guidance and encouragement I would not be where I am today. I look froward to continuing to work with Claire and the Global Human Rights Group in the future.

Sophie Pollak

26 Feb, 2017

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A life changing rookie experience

Claire gave me an opportunity to learn and participate in international Geneva. She truly mentored me, persuasively opened my mind and thinking to new perspectives. What she taught and inspired in me, became the catalyst for my new international career

Denise Murray

20 Mar, 2016

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No-nonsense advice with heart

Claire has a rare skill: she's able to care deeply and share a lot of empathy while providing clear, insightful advice. It's always so great to talk things through with her and get her thoughts on complicated situations!

Sunili Govinnage

10 Apr, 2015

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A place to learn

I had an inspiring meeting with Claire which lasted for nearly two hours. I found Claire's personality and approach to questions and questioning intuitive and understanding. She is also open and honest in what she wants to find out about you but also in return is open about herself and her experience which is comprehensive and her willingness to share this with you is totally refreshing. She is helpful and willing to ensure you feel at ease with her and I am looking forward to working with And learning from Claire in the near future. Please note I wasn't sure of the below rating 1-5 , I hope 5 is the top end of the scale. Thanks Claire !

Denise Murray

2 Nov, 2014

Claire Mahon

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